Stratist Quick Start

In our experience 75% of companies know they need to change something to enhance profitability but do not know the critical factors.  They face the challenge of continually adjusting in order to stay ahead, while also ensuring that they deliver on their current business priorities.  


At Stratist we bring our external perspective to bear, helping our clients over 4 to 8 weeks to identify opportunities to grow and improve their businesses.  We help answer pressing questions: 


  • How can we optimize cash? 

  • Where can we cut cost? 

  • Where are the growth opportunities? 

  • Where should we invest? 


Our quick start assessment answers these
questions and identifies opportunities to enhance profitability through efficiency and growth.  We do this quickly by combining quantitative analysis of key metrics: cash management, cost, price and revenue with more qualitative information from interviews and management conversations.


To this we add our external perspective and
experience.  We analyze your business within the context of the market, drivers of success and trends to provide a complete picture and tangible path forward.   


Taken together we identify opportunities to add add significant value, leading often to millions of dollars in identified gains.  


If you are thinking about the next steps for your business or team, or trying to answer the questions above, let’s talk.  We’d be happy to discuss how we can make Quick Start work for you. 



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