Strategy for Non-Profits

Strategic Planning for non-profits is essential, whether the focus is on improving performance, taking new actions to support the organization’s mission or seeking new revenue sources. 


Non-profits face many of the same challenges that profit-based businesses do such as growing revenue and executing efficiently.  While the non-profit mission is not revenue focused, the choices and investments the non-profit makes as it fulfills its intended mission require revenue and involve complex strategic

decisions around stakeholders. Ensuring that the non-profit’s infrastructure is in place and positioned for strategic growth will allow the mission to succeed in the short and long term.

We help non-profit organizations develop the business models and strctures that enables them to achieve their mission.  

  • Conduct due diligence review of key systems

  • Assess internal staff organization and process protocols

  • Review and develop revenue methodology

  • Create strategies to monetize non-profit’s asset base (artwork, services)

  • Review financial record keeping and accounting methodology

  • Explore licensing opportunities with domestic and international partners 

  • Develop and execute brand and marketing strategies

  • Identify expansion opportunities

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