Yeah. You need Content.

Content Marketing:

How It Works for Professional Services Firms

Reinventing marketing for professional services

This is not necessarily a new topic, but it is one with which many people struggle.

The fact is that marketing has changed. The market demands content solutions to problems, not just a loud voice touting capabilities.

You must be attractive. Not just good.

Here are the problems that most marketers face today

  • Our target markets are overwhelmed by messages and messaging and yet most of it is just noise. They yearn for vital information that will help them become more current and make more informed choices, but we keep telling them how good we are.

  • We, as sellers, can easily spend a great deal of pursuing leads and activities with low and diminishing ROI’s.

  • The challenge is to create in-bound inquiries for your services. What would that be like? To have people contacting you asking for meetings?

There is a solution

As sellers, we create valuable content that attracts potential clients to our offerings. We can use this content to build relationships and pre-qualify potential leads. The same piece of content can be used many times and over time to keep in front of our target market.

Content is information, viewpoints, insights, informed opinions, humor that shed a new light.

Creating content is an important way for business professionals to gain an edge.

Content marketing is the use of content to develop awareness, positive perceptions, an interest in hearing more from the provider. It’s kind of like the old days, when people read the New York Times. (Some still do. See the Style Section.)

So you can be trusted information source for your target audiences because yours will be a two-way communication.

Content marketing creates a dialog with your targets. Unlike the Times, which is largely one-sided (it tells us), content marketing is a two-way conversation, in which your audience responds to and probes for more information from you.

Why is that useful? Because it makes it easier for professionals to get what they want in their busy day. And you get to be the preferred provider of that informational morning Joe.

The benefit of a content marketing approach is that you look like a good resource without the mantle of a sales pitch.

This creates two things:

  • The beginning of a dialog with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

  • A sifting process, in which you winnow down a large number and can concentrate on those who make the first cut into your business development plan.

Content marketing makes you attractive, because you are providing value without strings attached – your target market gets to know you and your capabilities through what you do, not just what you say.

This is a great way to build your business, sustain your market position and create avenues for future growth.

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