Creating a pathway to growth, growth strategy
Creating a pathway to growth - in consumer products.

We helped a specialty dairy product company to redefine and reposition itself for the future through the discovery of new opportunity areas and the development of innovation structures and culture to support them.

Business Model Innovation for Price Advantage
Business Model Innovation for Price Advantage

We helped a leading chemical company change the game by innovating a new business model and redesiging their products, leading to a significant price premium. 

Open Innovation in Industry


We helped a gold miner completely rethink operations more than 4000 meters underground through open innovation and collaborating with suppliers. Generating hundreds of millions of dollars in long term value. 

Designing a new shoe line for growth 

A women’s shoe company wanted to grow.  They were facing a crowded marketplace with established and knock off brands.  Even as they wanted to grow, they faced price competition that made expansion in their traditional styles challenging.