Customer Experience in Healthcare

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performance. Our collaborative approach leads to results that have a meaningful and lasting impact.


Customer experience is an important topic driving improved results across industries


In a recent survey 89% of customer facing companies are taking action to enhance customer experience. The benefits include increased revenue and improved efficiency.  


Research supports the value showing that publicly traded

customer experience leaders outperformed the market by 49%, while laggards underperformed by 162%.


A focus on patient experience represents a significant opportunity in healthcare


By using customer experience techniques healthcare providers can create patient centric operations that:


• Improve delivery of healthcare leading to improved results.

• Reduce readmissions.

• Reduce cost.

• Minimize risk.

• Increase business.


 Stratist helps healthcare organizations identify short and long term opportunities to enhance performance. We work with patients and our clients to identify key pain points and innovate patient centric processes. These lead to dramatically improved results. Let’s discuss how we can help you improve your patient experience.



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