THE USE

Futurecasting is a powerful discovery tool that frames the future and informs strategic decision making today. Through combining technology trends, market drivers and industry pain points the process highlights potential development pathways and possible 
futures. Organizations gain an understanding of technology and market development possibilities allowing them reframe strategic questions, explore disruptions and make investments that lead to business advantage.  It can also be an important part of creating strategy scenarios.  


The process starts with the identification of industry pain points and trends in three broad areas: society, economy and technology. We cluster these trends into systems and extend them out into the future to develop visions which are used to explore implications and strategic options for the present. 


Systemic Value: Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Futurecasting blends trends in a systemic way to show how they relate to each other, leading to an understanding of interdependencies. 

Contextual Relevance:  Futurecasting explores technology trends within the context of an industry, leading to more relevant and actionable insights that are more in tune to how technology and markets may realistically develop. 

Clarity & Communication: Communication and buy in are key to innovation and change.  Futurecasting cuts through the “noise” of too much and conflicting data bringing developents to life, making them communicable and actionable. 



A global mining company initiating an innovation program wanted to understand potential developments in the industry 
in terms of technology, organizational change and economic drivers. 

Scope of work included: 
•    Macro Trends Discovery
•    Technology Scanning
•    Competitive Intelligence 
•    Futurecast Development
•    Advantage Mapping
•    Investment Prioritization
•    Vision & Business Cases
•    Communications Program


Our eight-week Futurecasting process allowed the executive to prioritize the technology areas that could impact the company and to create a shared vision and business case that led to funding by 
the board and improved implementation by operating executives. 


Stratist has been exceptional in leading a shift in thinking and shaping the mindset of a team charged with delivering “step-change” improvements. I highly recommend them as a partner for innovation and change.”
 --COO, Multinational Mining Firm



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