Explore what is driving our economy and business environment to make
uncertainty predictable to identify risks and opportunities. 

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Discovering Trends

To develop insights about your business, the market, and the future you have to start by identifying trends.  


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Our trends are high-level trends with broad implications for business.  They will help you frame your strategic thinking and future planning. 


What are trends?


We define trends as observable developments in the business and socio-economic environment.  They are not the future, but by looking at where a trend is going we can gain insight into the future. ​


Trend analysis isn't hard: the most significant challenges are gathering observations and confronting biases and assumptions.


To be insightful market trends and economic trends must transcend our understanding of reality and challenge our thinking.  


To achieve this, we start with broad observations, from as wide a field as possible; reaching deep into your company to tap a wide variety of ideas.  ​

Then these observations need to be tested and patterned into trends.  


We have mapped our process and created a guide to developing your trend analysis.  


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