Due Diligence for Growth

Due Diligence is a powerful tool for understanding a 

company, whether improving performance, executing on strategy or seeking investment or debt.  It provides insight into the business and uncovers need-to-know information impacting whether it is positioned for strategic growth and has the infrastructure to deliver.


Preparing for a due diligence review will, by itself,

uncover possible disorganization and dysfunction in a company.  We review a company’s financial, legal and business structure through interviews and process assessments, all of which contribute to revealing both opportunities and threats to the bottom line.


Three specific areas of benefit our due diligence process are: 

Understanding the business as a system. 

Putting the business within a context. 

Organization and analysis of the business.

Due diligence is valuable as a strategic tool as well as in preparing for an acquisition or divestiture. 

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